Vision & Values

Our Aims

At Thomas Bewick School we aim to enable each pupil to:

  • communicate and interact effectively with others and the world around them
  • become independent learners
  • value themselves and their own achievements and accept and show tolerance of others
  • enjoy being part of the school community
  • participate in and contribute to the wider social community
  • lead a safe, happy and fulfilling lifestyle

Core to these aims is the development of outstanding teaching and learning, an excellent partnership between home and school, positive relationships and networks within the multi-agency setting and the commitment to sharing of our expertise in autism with the wider community.

These aspirations are rooted in:

  • pupil-centred learning which takes account of pupils’ communication, sensory and social needs
  • a “customised curriculum” to suit the learning needs of pupils 3 to 19 years of age
  • celebrations of achievements of pupils, staff and the school
  • knowledge and understanding of autism and the stress and difficulties for pupils and their families
  • happy and positive relationships between all individuals
  • learning partnerships between pupils, staff, parents and professional colleagues

Our Values

  • We endeavour to promote mutual respect, trust and value of all individuals in the school community and beyond.
  • We are an inclusive school community that provides a wealth of learning opportunities to support and challenge pupils on their journey through the school.
  • We have high expectations of our pupils and staff and are proud of our achievements no matter how small.
  • We promote an environment which is welcoming, creative, inclusive, interactive and caring.
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