Speech and Language

Speech and Language

Speech and Language

Below are a number of activities that the SALT Team have created, we hope you enjoy them.

Bubbles Activity

Bubbles Activity Plan

Bubbles Activity Signs

Bubbles Activity Symbols


Building Activity

Building Activity Plan

Building Activity Signs

Building Activity Symbols


Cars and Trains Activity

Cars and Trains Activity Plan

Cars and Trains Activity Signs

Cars and Trains Activity Symbols


Getting Dressed Activity

Getting Dressed Activity Plan

Getting Dressed Activity Signs

Getting Dressed Activity Symbols


Playing Outside Activity

Playing Outside Activity Plan

Playing Outside Signs

Playing Outside Symbols


Singing Activity

Singing Activity Plan

Singing Activity Signs

Singing Activity Symbols

Doing the Washing Activity

Doing the Washing Activity Plan

Washing Activity Signs

Washing Activity Symbols

Colouring Activity Plan

Colours Signs

Colours Symbols



Mealtime Activity Plan

Mealtime Activity Symbols

Mealtime Activity Signs


Sharing Stories Activity Plan

Sharing Stories Signs

Sharing Stories Symbols


Tidying up Activity Plan

Tidy up Activity Symbols

Tidy up Activity Signs

Ball play Activity

Ball play Activity Plan

Ball play Activity Symbols

Ball play Activity Signs


Cooking Activity


Cooking Activity Plan

Cooking Activity Signs

Cooking Activity Symbols

10 Things to Say Instead of What’s That

First and Then How to Guide

First and Then Template

Green and Red Board

Visual Timetable How to Guide

Visual Timetable Template

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