Progress and Achievement

Every pupil’s progress at Thomas Bewick is continuously monitored. A full review is carried out every year, meeting the requirements of the ‘Code of Practice’ which, together with termly meetings with parents, tracks pupils’ progress in meeting their IEP (Individual Education Plan) targets and establishes new objectives. Our therapy teams (speech and language and occupational) also contribute to IEP planning and target setting.

An annual report to parents is provided towards the end of the summer term reporting on progress and achievement in all subject areas. Pupils are assessed using the PIVATs framework and levels of attainment are determined within the P levels or National Curriculum levels.

Pupils can be entered for formal statutory National Curriculum assessments (SATs) where appropriate but the schools assessment system provides more detailed information about pupils’ progress and achievement and can record small steps of progress.

Our older pupils post 14 work towards nationally accredited qualifications at school and at Newcastle College.

The school has its own autism – specific assessment tool the ‘Communication Schedule’, designed with colleagues from the Community Team Learning Disability, which is now being used across the school to assess progress in communication, interaction and sensory areas of difficulty.

We are very proud of the achievements of our pupils and celebrate them on a weekly basis through our Star Award system at our Friday whole school assembly. The pupils recognise the importance of this event and work hard to gain these awards.

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