Our Partnerships


We value the relationship with parents and carers and actively encourage dialogue and working together to support pupils’ learning and progress.

The school operates an ‘Open Door’ policy and welcomes parents and carers into the school. We are always happy to meet with parents at short notice; however it is often advisable to make an appointment with the head or a specific member of staff if you wish to discuss specific issues or concerns so that you can be sure of seeing the appropriate person when you come into school.

Many pupils have a home-school diary for a regular exchange of information and staff can be contacted by phone (outside lesson times if possible) when necessary to answer questions or tell you about your child’s progress and welfare. E-mail is also a useful way of contacting the school. Regular school newsletters help to keep you informed about what is happening in school.

Parents and carers are invited to termly meetings to meet with class teachers, discuss their child’s progress and agree targets on their Individual Education Plan. The Annual Review gives the school a more formal opportunity to review each pupil’s progress, achievement and their Statement with parents, and discuss objectives and specific targets for the coming year.

Parents, carers and visitors are invited to special events or celebrations at the school and are invited to come along to coffee mornings which are held in school on a regular basis.

If you feel you have a special talent or some time to give, we are delighted if parents wish to assist with activities in the school.

A Parents Group meets in school on a fortnightly basis on Thursday mornings.



he school works closely with other professionals from the wide range of services which are involved with our pupils and their families and actively promotes ‘team around the child’ working.

Communication and information sharing is particularly important for our pupils around the stages of transition; when starting or changing schools, or as they progress into further education. areas of training or other more adult based services.

Some of the services involved with Thomas Bewick School are:

  • Young Children’s Team
  • Community Team Learning Disability
  • Educational Psychology
  • Paediatric Team
  • Social Care Teams: Children’s and Adult
  • Short Break Services
  • Connexions
  • Play and Youth
  • Coquet Trust

Schools and colleges

A small number of our pupils access integrated placements in appropriate mainstream schools and colleges. This enables pupils to develop their social and communication skills in an integrated setting and for some pupils to access specific areas of the curriculum. This type of programme is carefully planned, monitored and discussed with parents and the school works closely with the mainstream school/college to ensure that this is a positive experience for the pupil.

We have very good links with an increasing number of partner schools which allows us to develop partnership working on specific projects, developing opportunities for pupils and staff to increase their knowledge and skills.


We are very proud to have been awarded our International Schools Award.

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Erasmus+ Thomas Bewick School are delighted to be coordinating a new international schools project through the Erasmus+ programme. The three year project, called ‘Connect! Create! Communicate!’ was launched in September 2014 when Thomas Bewick School hosted a week long programme of classroom based activities and training for teachers from our partner schools in Ireland, Finland, The Netherlands and Turkey. Previous Comenius projects have provided fantastic opportunities for many of our staff and pupils to visit schools in countries such as Finland, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Greece, Ireland, Belgium and Denmark. Our new Erasmus+ project will also provide some exciting opportunities for overseas travel in addition to giving all of our pupils the chance to participate in shared activities with pupils from different countries. Thomas Bewick School will also be hosting visits from our partner schools over the next three years which we see as a fantastic way of bringing the wider world into our school.
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