Online Resources

Useful websites and Apps 

Our school has a subscription for Education City, which offers fantastic educational activities and resources in English, Maths, Science and subjects across the wider curriculum. Information has been sent home with all young people with instructions and log on details so that Education City can be accessed from home. Please contact your child’s teacher if you experience any difficulty logging on to this website. 

Here is a list of other educational resources that your child may enjoy accessing online. 


This is a subscription website for parents and teachers that offers a range of educational resources. We often use Twinkl resources in class for our more able students. You can sign up for a free account and access many brilliant educational resources and games. 

Primary resources    

This is a teacher run website that offers a range of free educational resources for a range of subjects across the curriculum.  


This is a website that provides brilliant interactive activities, videos and games for pupils to access on computer, mobile phone and tablets.   

Phonics Play                   

This website offers fantastic resources to support the teaching of phonics and early reading. It is a subscription website, but there are a number of free resources available to access. Phonics Play are also offering free access to resources using username: march20 password: home until 21 March 2020. 


A website offering a range of free educational resources for SEN pupils. 


A website providing good information, activities and resources for Science that some of our more able pupils may find useful for topic learning.  

BBC Bitesize                   

BBC Bitesize provides lesson materials and resources for primary and secondary pupils for subjects across the curriculum. This is a good resource for our more able learners.  

NRICH Maths                             

This is a website that offers a fantastic range of maths resources, games and activities for a range of learners. 

Cool Maths Games         

A website providing many fun maths based games for pupils to play at home.

Sensory World                       

An interactive website offering games and activities about health and safety in the home. 


List of other educational websites and apps 



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