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Providing Remote Education Information to Parents


This is an update on the educational resources we will be providing whilst your child is at home. 

Our teachers have carefully prepared activities around this year’s curriculum topics for home learning. The activities cover many aspects of the curriculum including Maths, English, Science, PSHE, Humanities, and Art etc.   

All our learners are unique but we have created activities for three broad bands of learners, based on your child’s SCERTS communication stage. Please access the learning grids as much as you feel appropriate for your child and select activities that interests them. The most important thing is ultimately to have fun and enjoy learning with your child. We have tried to make the activities fun and practical, using resources generally found in the home. 

A home learning grid has been made for each key stage for social, language and conversational partners and this will be updated on our website on a half termly basis. Your child’s teacher will be in touch to advise you which grid is best for your child to access. Staff have planned several activities which will keep your child busy for several days. The grids contain a brief explanation of how to complete each activity and when to use a link to a website/ video pictures etc. There is no set time to spend on any activity but be led by your child. 

In addition to the home learning grids, you can find resources prepared by our school’s OT and SaLT teams on our website. We have also included a list of educational websites and apps which your child may enjoy exploring, you can find these on the ‘online resources’ tab on our website.  

We will update our home learning resources on a half termly basis so please keep checking our website for updates.  

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