Will the Broadwood site affect the support that children in Thomas Bewick School currently receive? Or affect them in any other way at all?

No, the high standard of support the children receive now will continue.

Will increasing the numbers of children in the setting will make social distancing more difficult. Is this the right time to make such changes?

We will follow the government/PHE guidelines on Social Distancing and Protective Measures as we do now. We have COVID – 19 Policy and further information on our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

Can you confirm whether or not this means the children moving into year 1 in September who are already in site 1 have to move to broadwood primary school?

No pupil currently at Site One will move to the Broadwood Site

It would be good for the Trust / Thomas Bewick to offer the opportunity to meet with the parents of pupils at Broadwood at the appropriate time to meet with them to talk about the opportunities that having the school on the Broadwood site will offer.

In normal circumstances this would be part of the consultation. As soon as the government allow us to visit other schools we will arrange a meeting with parents.

Prosper Learning Trust