Science is an important subject for all pupils at Thomas Bewick. The study of Science allows pupils to learn about themselves and the environment around them. Scientific understanding will allow pupils to use key concepts in a range of contexts, both familiar and unfamiliar, and build up confidence in their application. Active learning within the science curriculum can also facilitate the development of interpersonal communication, self-advocacy and contribute to enhancing the self-esteem of the learners, benefiting the development of the whole child. At Thomas Bewick, we believe all pupils must have access to high a quality science education that recognises and responds to diverse learning needs.

The science curriculum at Thomas Bewick has been mapped out in conjunction with the National Curriculum to help ensure a broad and balanced curriculum, which encourages the acquisition and development of core skills within the disciplines of Science. The Science overview builds upon skills within the following disciplines of Science

  1. Biology
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Working Scientifically (embedded in science topics).

Across the academic year and throughout the Key Stages, science is offered to all pupils.

  • Phase 1 follows the Early Learning Goals and Science is rooted within the EFYS curriculum, as part of Understanding of the World and Personal Social Development.
  • KS2- science is taught discreetly through the relevant pathway for individual pupils. In KS2 pupils build on scientific knowledge, understanding and skills gained in phase 1. Pupils will develop their ‘working scientifically’ skills within science topics at KS2.
  • Science at Key Stage 3 revises upon and builds on scientific knowledge, understanding and skills previously acquired in earlier key stages. Lessons are suitably differentiated to meet learners’ personal and sensory needs, motivations, learning patterns, cognitive ability and interests
  • Science is taught as a discrete subject in Key Stage 4 and is covered 1 hour per week. The Science curriculum at Key stage 4 is made up of ASDAN Transition Challenge in part, and the National Curriculum has been used to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum
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