PHSE and Relationship Education

The Relationship Education

 The Relationship Education programme will be taught as a component of the school’s PSHE curriculum. Thomas Bewick School follows the PSHE Association SEND Programme of Study. Weekly, timetabled lessons will be taught to all pupils, with content and resources differentiated according to the individual needs of our pupils. Our Relationships Education programme follows statutory national guidance and will be differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils in all phases of the school. Teaching will be underpinned by opportunities for the development of communication, social, independence and life skills, whilst giving pupils time to explore and clarify their own positive values and attitudes. Programme content in each phase of the school will be organised so that it is appropriate to pupil age, individual ability and level of understanding. Topics and themes may be repeated or adapted from year to year in greater depth to take account of pupils’ changing needs and development. Where the need has been identified, provisions will be made for one to one or small group teaching where appropriate.

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

This policy covers our school’s approach to statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). Thomas Bewick School provides education for pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions between the ages of 3 and 19. In general, our pupils have varying levels of difficulty with social understanding and managing social relationships and many will also experience difficulty around understanding the feelings, risks and responsibilities associated with sexual identity and behaviour. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all pupils are supported in a sensitive and personalised manner to develop an understanding of their own feelings towards others, individual sexuality and appropriate sexual behaviour, encouraging pupils to manage their lives in a responsible and healthy way. Thomas Bewick School believes that relevant Relationship and Sex Education is an entitlement of all pupils and an integral part of each pupil’s emergence into adulthood.


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