Thomas Bewick School provides a modern mathematics curriculum which is based on the Engagement Model and a variety of accreditation routes as well as the National Curriculum and Early Years framework; this is delivered through a range of teaching approaches. However, we do not aim to fit our pupils into a National Curriculum, but rather to deliver aspects of the curriculum to meet learner’s individual needs. This is achieved by providing informal, semi-formal and formal learning ‘pathways’: we call these ‘engager’, ‘explorer’ and ‘discoverer’.

The pathways are delivered alongside a wider curriculum specifically designed for autistic learners. This focuses on the development of the key skills of communication and social skills at the appropriate developmental level for individual learners.

The skills in mathematics provide children with the tools for exploring, investigating and understanding the world. At each developmental stage children at Thomas Bewick School are given opportunities and experiences to develop mathematical concepts and to use and apply this knowledge. At first these opportunities will be of a sensory and perceptual nature, becoming gradually more concrete pictorial and abstract as appropriate to the learner, helping pupils to make sense of changes in space time pattern and quantity. Later on in their development, the skills learned will aid representational thought and the ability to anticipate, predict and problem solve, thus allowing learners to plan ahead, to evaluate and to use number in a representational way.

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