Accreditation Offered at Thomas Bewick School  

At Key Stages 4 and 5 all student progress and achievement is recognised through the awarding of a range of nationally recognised external accreditation. This includes Assessment and Qualifications Authority (AQA) entry level qualifications in Maths and Step up to English, ASDAN PSD, Transition challenge and Life skills challenges and AQA unit award schemes for Maths and English in KS5. Students in ks5 also gain bronze and silver awards in Duke of Edinburgh.  

Accreditation is offered at the following three levels for all areas of study: engager, explorer and discoverer. Each student, for each area of study, has an identified level of accreditation they are following. This is referred to as the student’s ‘progression pathway’. The level of accreditation a student will follow may vary depending on their designated pathway in KS4 andKS5.  

Subject  Title of accreditation Level of accreditation KS4 KS5 
Maths AQA Entry level certificate Entry level (Explorers and Discovers) Yes  
 AQA Unit Award  Pre entry level (Engagers) Yes Yes 
English AQA step up to English Entry level 2&3 (Explorers and Discovers) Yes  
 AQA unit Awards Pre entry level (Engagers)  Yes Yes 
Life Skills ASDAN PSD  Entry level (Explorers and Discovers)  Yes 
 ASDAN life skills challenge Pre Entry Level (Engagers)   Yes 
Duke of Edinburgh  Bronze and Silver award  All levels   Yes 
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